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Fostering Strengths: A Certificate Course in Psychosocial Skills for Working with Adolescents and Young People

Fostering Strengths: A Certificate Course in Psychosocial Skills for Working with Adolescents and Young People
By iCALL, TISS & Vishakha
Applications are now open!
Location: BHOPAL

Course Brief:

Fostering Strengths is a training program initiated by iCALL, TISS in collaboration with Vishakha. Fostering Strengths caters to helping professionals engaged with issues of psychosocial wellbeing of adolescents and young people. The course aims to equip helping professionals with knowledge, perspectives and skills that are contextualized, evidence-based and multi layered. Informed by a participatory, empowerment-oriented approach, the course is guided by a uniquely designed curriculum and is facilitated by a team of experts specializing in different areas of work concerning adolescents and young people.

Course Objectives:
·         To help professionals develop a deeper as well as broader understanding and knowledge of psychosocial issues faced by adolescents and young people and how they are intertwined with socio-cultural factors
·         To acquaint professionals with perspectives and frameworks for conceptualizing psychosocial issues of adolescents and young people
·         To help professionals learn psychosocial skills and interventions to work directly with adolescents and young people
·         To help professionals build programmatic skills and interventions to mobilize stakeholders and the community at large for engaging in preventive as well as interventive work with adolescents and young people

Course Structure & Dates:
·       9 days of on-campus residential contact class - 15th-24th November, 2019
·        3 months of practicum component after the contact class, initiated within the professional’s organization/setting which works towards psychosocial wellbeing of adolescents and young people 
·         Weekly supervision during the practicum
·         3 days of follow-up (in March 2020 tentatively)

Course Thematic Areas:
Background & perspective for working with Adolescents & Young People in India
• Self & Identity
• Gender & Sexuality
• Interpersonal Relationships: Peers, Family & Romantic Relationships
• Strength based counseling
• Academic & Career Concerns
• Suicidality & Self Harm
• Substance Abuse & Addiction
• Understanding & prevention of Child sexual
• Burnout & Self-Care for Helping
• Project development & documentation

• Bachelors in any applied social sciences discipline* + Min 3 years if direct work towards psychosocial well-being of adolescents and young people
• Masters in any applied social sciences discipline* + Min 1 year of direct work towards psychosocial wellbeing of adolescents and young people
*Applied Social Sciences disciplines include: Social Work, Psychology, Human Development, Education

Application Procedure:
1.  Please find the course brochure attached.
2. Please fill out the Google Form on this link to apply directly: .
Last date of application is 5th November, 2019
3.  Telephonic/Skype interviews will be scheduled with shortlisted candidates.
4.   Selections will be based upon an evaluation of the purpose statement, professional experience, understanding of work and reflection on personal practice.
5.  The course organizers reserve the final right with respect to selection of participants.

About iCALL:
iCALL is a field action project initiated by the School of Human Ecology, TISS, which provides immediate, anonymous and professional counselling services over telephone and emails to individuals in psychosocial distress. iCALL also undertakes mental health outreach activities, capacity building and consultancy for corporates, educational institutions, government agencies, and NGOs along with generating research and publications with respect to concerns of adolescents and young people as well as for mental distress and counselling in general.

About Vishakha:

Founded in 1991, Vishakha has been a part of the Women’s movement in Rajasthan and has been working towards empowerment of Women, girls & youth through mobilization, capacity building & community led advocacy in rural & urban communities. Identifying gaps in psychosocial support available to young people, in 2013, Vishakha developed a “youth pertinent”, empowerment oriented counselling framework, delivered through a youth resource centre & counselling services in educational & training institutes, reaching over 1000 youth..

For any queries, contact:
Phone: 01412980614

International Twitter Poster Conference

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