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N.L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research and Awaken, Management Development Program (MDP) combining Psychology and NLP

N.L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research

& Awaken presents

Management Development Program (MDP) combining Psychology & NLP                                                                 
The course begins October 2016 and consists of 48 hours spread over eight full days during every fortnight weekend.

Address:  N.L. Dalmia, Mira Road (E).
Fees : Rs. 40,000/- Inclusive of taxes

This is a brealthrough program for practising managers of any function to be exponentially more effective. This hands-on, experiential training explores different models and provides the theory and opportunity to practice new approaches that apply psychological models to practical world challenges. It combines ideas from world's most renowned psychologists, gives the theories behind various techniques with Intensive practical sessions. It aims at providing a platform to work on their emotional wealth, psychological health, skills of life and relationship management, self and team leadership .

> -Program your mind for excellence through NLP
> -Train your subconscious mind through Hypnotherapy
> - Learn Leadership Principles of Chanakya
> - Outcome oriented approach
> - Get equipped with the latest tools, techniques and skills spanning different streams with Psychology
> -Create emotions that motivate desired behavior.
> -Create lasting change
> -Practice and Therapy on yourself for your journey within to transformation and on significant others; like the team members, mentees, other employees of organization, family members and children.
This training program is ideal for HR Personnel, Leaders, Heads of business/ department, Training Professionals, Mentors, Counselors, Analysts, Personnel from CSR field, Analysts, Mentees, etc.

For Registrations:
Japneet Anand (9820138551) 
Minu Joshi (9820327583)

About the coaches:
He is a Consultant, Facilitator and Coach, where in the objective is to apply principles from Kautilya’s Arthshastra (a timeless Management encyclopedia authored in 4 BC) to modern organizations. He is known for combining the best of western and Indian management science to provide Leadership consulting, coaching and learning solutions to the industry – these are a first in the industry.
He has conducted several hundred Training Programs, Workshops, Off sites and the like for over 15 years for organizations in every Industry segment – Automobile, Engineering, FMCG, IT, Pharma and many more. He has had experience of training professionals from every function and at every level, including at the Leadership level. A Learning & Organizational Development specialist, he has led interventions for Managers and Leaders of over 200 organizations. He is an Electronics Engineer, an MBA in HR and is certified by NTL and Kathleen Dannemiller Institute.

A proficient Coach, Trainer and Transformational facilitator with an expertise in the areas of Skill Building training, NLP training, Counseling Psychology, Clinical Hypnotherapy along with a vast corporate experience of around 14 years in Human Resource Management.
She is an MBA in HRM, Masters in Counseling Psychology, PGDM in Therapeutic Intervention Skills, Certified Personal Counselor, Clinical Hypnotherapist, REB Therapist and NLP Trainer.
As an experienced skill building trainer and motivational life coach, she has conducted various workshops and trainings for Educational institutes, Corporate, NGOs and Youth groups.
She is a maximizer and her prime motivation and mission is to help people unlock their full potential, look into their own inner greatness, maximize the purpose in life that is already within them and passionately pursue their dreams.
She has an ability to make instant connect with people and she builds trust through active listening and effective communication. Her core approach is person centered wherein she establishes a relationship of belief and respect with people and enables them to cope with challenges and to make positive changes in their life where necessary.
Contact No.: 09820327583

An excellent Skill Building Trainer, Coach, Counseling Psychologist, NLP trainer, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and an Industrial Psychologist with a rich and varied Entrepreneurial as well as Corporate experience of around 08 years.
She is Masters in Counseling Psychology, PGDM in Therapeutic Intervention Skills, Certified Personal Counselor, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Cognitive Behavior Therapist and NLP Trainer.
She has conducted training and workshops on various skill building topics for Educational Institutes, Corporate, NGOs and Youth Groups.
An effective communicator with great energy and enthusiasm; she possesses a high degree of training and motivational skill and is expert in people management with highly effective interpersonal skill.
She loves to work with people who want more from their life and who are ready to make positive changes to discover real purpose and balance in life. Her forte is in helping people through counseling and coaching to make decisions and choices regarding possible ways forward through active listening and accepting them unconditionally which helps an individual towards a deeper understanding of their concerns.
Contact no.: 09820138551

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