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Christchurch Educated Skills Scholarships India 2014

Christchurch Educated Skills Scholarships India 2014

The Heart of New
Christchurch, New Zealand is an inspiring place to study.

Christchurch Educated Skills Scholarship for India 2014
Christchurch New Zealand is experiencing an economic boom as a result of the $30 billion being invested in rebuilding New Zealand's second largest city. As a result of the unprecedented scale of the rebuild programme, the city's economy needs new migrants with specific skills and knowledge to address critical labour shortages.

The Christchurch Educated Skills Scholarship programme is targeted at Indian graduates wishing to study at post graduate level in Christchurch in specific disciplines which are aligned to clearly identified skill shortage areas associated with the rebuild programme such as Construction, Engineering, ICT and Science.

After completing a post graduate qualification at Level 7 or above in Christchurch the Christchurch Educated Skills Scholarship recipients will have opportunities to undertake internships or gain employment in companies which are experiencing growth due to the current economic climate.

The programme is supported by Education New Zealand and the Canterbury Development Corporation, the economic development agency of the Christchurch City Council.

The Christchurch Educated Skills Scholarships on offer are designed to address specific skills shortages and therefore the approved courses of study associated with the programme are directly related to these areas of need.

Please click here  to view the outline document for further details including timing.

For details of approved courses and providers please click  here.

Application process and forms required - please click here for the application form to apply for this scholarship.

For advice and support to apply for one of these scholarships we recommend that you speak to a New Zealand Specialist Agent in country. For a list of NZ Specialist agents please click here.

For any questions about this programme please email info@christchurcheducated.co.nz

Please submit your application to the Canterbury Development Corporation Scholarships Office no later than 5.00pm (NZ time) 16 May 2014.

Applications should be emailed directly to the following address:

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