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Venkateswara Vedic University SVVU Tirupati, Admission Notification 2014-2015

Venkateswara Vedic University SVVU, Tirupati

Admission Notification 2014-2015

Applications have been invited by Sri Venkateswara Vedic University, Tirupati from the eligible candidates for Admission into Traditional Courses Sastri (B.A.,) Acharya (M.A.,) Visistacharya (M.Phil.,) and Vidyavaridhi (PhD). Admissions are based on the Entrance Test and Knowledge of Sanskrit is essential for all courses.

SASTRI (B.A.) (Age 17-22)
Kramanta in (1) Rigveda (2) Krishna Yajurveda (3) SuklaYajurveda (Kanva/ Madhyandina) and (4) Rahasyanta in Samaveda (Kouthuma/Jaiminiya/ Ranayaniya) (5) 5. Padanta in Atharvaveda (Saunaka Sakha)
(Eligibility-Successful Adhyayana of Moola (Samhita + Brahmana) portion of respective Veda)

Pratishthanta in (6) Vaikhanasagama; (7) Pancharatragama and (8) Saivagama
(Eligibility-Successful Adhyayana of Brahmothvanta portion of respective Agama)

Sodasakarmanta in Pourohityas (9)Aswalayana (10) Apasthamba (11) Vaikhanasa (12) Paraskara
(Eligibility-Successful Adhyayana of Upanayanaanta part in respective Sutra)

Sayanabhashya in (13) Rigveda (14) Krishna Yajurveda (15) Sukla Yajurveda (Kanva/Madhyandina) (16) Samaveda (17) Atharvaveda
(Eligibility-Successful Adhyayana of Moola (Samhita + Brahmana) in respective Veda)
(18) Kalpa (Srauta) (Eligibility - Moolanta Adhyayana of any Veda with knowledge of Sanskrit)
(19) Mimamsa (Eligibility - Moolanta Adhyayana of any Veda with Knowledge of Sanskrit or pass in 10+2 pattern or its equivalent qualification with Sanskrit subject)

ACHARYA (P.G.) (Age 20-25)
Ghananta in (1) Rigveda (2) Krishna Yajurveda (3) Sukla Yajurveda (Kanva)
(Eligibility-Pass in Kramantham in respective Veda.)

(4) Padantha with Lakshna in Samaveda (Kouthuma/Jaiminiya/ Ranayaniya)
(Eligibility-Pass in Rahasyanta portion)

Agama in (5) Vaikhanasa (6) Pancharatra (7) Saiva
(Eligibility-Pass in Prtishtaantam portion in respective Agama)

Pourohitya in (8) Aswalayana (9) Apasthamba (10) Vaikhanasa (11) Paraskara
(Eligibility-Pass in Shodasa Karmaantha portion in respective Sutra.)

Sayanabhashya in (12) Rigveda (13) Krishna Yajurveda (14) Sukla Yajurveda (Kanva/ Madhyandina) (15)Samaveda (16) Athervaveda
(Eligibility-Pass in Sastri or equivalent course in concerned Vedabhashya.)

(17) Mimamsa
(Eligibility-Pass in Sastri/equivalent degree in concerned subject from recognized Institute)

VISISTACHARYA (M.Phil) (Age above 22)
Veda, Vedabhashya, Paurohitya, Agama and Mimamsa.
(Eligibility-Acharya/M.A./equivalent qualification with 55% of marks in the concerned subject from a recognized University)

VIDYAVARIDHI (Ph.D.) (Age above 22)
(Eligibility-Pass in P.G. Course with 55% from a recognized University/Institution in any of the subjects offered by the Vedic University.)

Applications can be downloaded from the link:

Filled in applications are to reach the office of the Registrar, Sri Venkateswara Vedic University, Alipiri-Chandragiri By-Pass Road, Tirupati – 517 502 along with payment of Rs.150/- as DD, Drawn in favour of The Registrar, Sri Venkateswara Vedic University, Tirupati.
The last date for submission of the filled in application to Registrar, Sri Venkateswara Vedic University, Tirupati.

Last date for receipt of filled in Applications for all courses   01-06-2014
Entrance test (Written)for Sastri(B.A.) and Acharya(M.A.) Courses   20-06-2014
Interview (Oral Test) for Sastri and Acharya Courses  23rd & 24-06-2014

For details, visit the link:  

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