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Acharya Nagarjuna University Directorate of Distance Education Admission Notification 2014

Acharya Nagarjuna University
Directorate of Distance Education

Admission Notification 2014

Applications are invited for admission into the following courses offered by the Centre for Distance Education, Acharya Nagarjuna University under the Distance Mode for the Calender Year 2014.

UG Courses:
(1)  BSc (Costume Design & Fashion Technology)   
(2)  BSc (Information Technology)   
(3)  BSc (Botany, Zoology, Chemistry)   
(4)  BSc (Maths, Physics, Chemistry)   
(5) BSc (Maths, Physics, Electronics)
(6) BSc (Maths, Physics, Computer Science)
(7) BSc (Maths, Statistics, Computer Science)
(8) BSc (Maths, Electronics, Computer Science)
(9) BCom (General)
(10) BCom (Computer Applications)
(11) BBM
(12) BHM (Bachelor of Hotel Mgt.)
(13) BA (Economics, History, Politics)    .
(14) BA (Economics, Public Admn., Politics)   
(15) BA (Economics, Public Admn., Sociology)    .
(16) BA (Economics, History, Sociology)   
(17) BA (Economics, Politics, Sociology)   
(18) BA (History, Politics, Sociology)   
(19) BA (Public Admn, Politics, Sociology)   
(20) BA (Public Admn, Politics, History)
(21) BA (Maths, Politics, Economics)
(22) BA (Maths, English, History)
(24) BA (Maths, Tel ugu, History)
(23) BA (Maths, Statistics, Computer Applications)
(25) BA (English, Economics, Public Admn.)
(26) BA (Maths, Economics, Statistics)
(27) BA (English, Economics, Politics)
(28) BA (English, History, Politics)
(29) BA (English, Politics, Public Admn.)
(30) BA (English, History,Telugu)
(31) BA (Telugu, History, Sociology)
(32) BA (Telugu, History, Politics)
(33) BA (Maths, English, Statistics)
(34) BA (Economics, Banking, Computer Appliations)
(35) BA (History, English, TTM)
(36) BA (History, Telugu, TTM)

PG Science Courses:
(37) MSc (Botany)
(38) MSc (Zoology)
(39) MSc (Physics)
(40) MSc (Chemistry)
(41) MSc (Microbiology)
(42) MSc (Mathematics)
(43) MSc (Psychology)
(44) MSc (Statistics)
(45) MSc (Food & Nutrition)
(46) MSc (Bio Informatics)

PG Arts Courses:
(47) MA (English)
(48) MA (Telugu)
(49) MA (History)
(50) MA (Economics)
(51) MA (Political Science)
(52) MA (Sociology)
(53) MSW
(54) MA (Journalism & Mass Communication)
(55) MA (Hindi)
(56) Master of Business Economics

Computers / IT Courses:
(57) MSc (Information Technology)
(58) MSc (Computer Science)
(59) MCA

Commerce & Management:
(60) MCom
(61) MHRM
(62) MBA (2yrs) (HRM)
(63) MBA (2yrs) (Marketing Mgt.)
(64) MBA (2yrs) (Banking & Insurance Mgt.)
(65) MBA (2yrs) (Finance Management)
(66) MBA (2yrs) (Hospital Administration)
(67) MBA (2yrs) (Technology Management)
(68) MBA (2Yrs) (Pharmaceutical Management)
(69) MBA (3 yrs) (Marketing, Finance, HRM, International Management)

Law Courses:
(70) LL.M (Labour Laws /(71) Constitutional and Administrative Law)
(72) Torts and Crimes
(73) Corporate and Securities Law)

One Year / PG Diploma / Diploma / Certificate Courses:
(74)  BLISc (Bachelor of Library Information Science)
(75) MLISc (Master of Library Information Science)
(76) PGDBI (PG Diploma in Bio Informatics)
(77) PGDBT (PG Diploma in Bio Technology)
(78) PGDHHM (PG Dip. in Hospital & Health Care Mgt.)
(79) PGDBM (PG Diploma in Business Management)
(80) PGDMM (PG Diploma in Marketing Management)
(81) PGDHRM (PG Diploma in Human Resource Mgt.)
(82) PGDFM (PG Diploma in Financial Management)
(83) PGDBFM (PG Diploma in Banking and Financial Mgt.)
(84) PGDIB (PG Diploma in International Business)
(85) PGDTTM (PG Diploma in Travel and Tourism Mgt.)
(86) PGDIM (PG Diploma in Insurance Management)
(87) PGDCA (PG Dip. in Computer Applications)
(88) PGDIT (PG Dip. in Information Technology)
(89) PGDHM (PG Dip. in Hotel Management)
(90) PGDJM (PG Dip. in Journalism & Mass Comm.)
(91) PGDRM (PG Dip. in Real Estate Management)
(92) PGDCE ((PG Dip. in Communicative English)
(93) UGDRM (UG Dip. in Real Estate Management)
(94) DIPLOMA in Food Production
(95) DIPLOMA in Yoga for Human Excellence
(96) Certificate Course in Hotel & Hospital House Keeping
(97) Certificate Course in HIV / AIDS Counseling
(98) Certificate Course in Teacher Education

Sale of Applications:
Applications for all the courses can be obtained from the study centres and also from the Centre for Distance Education, Acharya Nagarjuna University by submitting Crossed Demand Draft from any scheduled commercial bank drawn in favour of ‘Director, Centre for Distance Education, Acharya Nagarjuna University’ payable at Nagarjuna Nagar or Guntur. Applicant should invariably write his / her name, address and the course name on the reverse side of the D.D.

Applications can also be downloaded from www.anucde.com  and cost of application form must be enclosed to the downloaded application form. Online Payment of Fee through SBI / Andhra Bank : Students can pay all types of fee payable to CDE through any branch of SBI /Andhra Bank without D.D. charges by crediting to CDE Fee Collection Account1 Nos. SBI: 300362 14420 / Andhra Bank :150810011050058

Cost of Application Form cum Prospectus: (By Hand & By Post):
1. BA / B.Com / BSc / BBM / BHM: Entrance Test: Rs. 180.00 & Rs.230.00
2. MCA / MBA (3 yrs) / MBA: Rs.550.00  & Rs.600.00
3. Admission into MCA / MBA (3 yrs) / MBA (2 yrs) with prescribed qualification: Rs.330.00 &    Rs.380.00
4. Admission into UG / PG / PG Diploma / Diploma / Certificate / BLISc Courses with prescribed qualification: Rs. 110.00 &  Rs. 160.00

Last date for submission of filled in applications (without fine & with fine of Rs.100/-):
a) MSc, PGDBT, PGDBI Courses: 05-05-2014; 19-05-2014
b) MA, MSc Maths, MCom, MHRM, BLISc, PG Diploma, Diploma, Certificate Courses: 12-05-2014; 02-06-2014
c) BA, BCom, BSc, BHM, BBM, MBA and MCA Courses
1) First Entrance Application Form: 31-03-2014
Date of Entrance Test (Sunday): 27-04-2014
2) Second Entrance Application Form: 19-05-2014
Date of Entrance Test (Sunday): 01-06-2014
3) Admission Application Form: 30-06-2014; 14-07-2014

For details, log on to the link:

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