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R.Venkatraman Nagar. Kalapet. Puducherry-605 014

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♦Anth-opoiogy ♦Applied Economics
♦ English & Comparative Literature
♦ French (Translation & tnierpretaion) ♦Hinoi »Hisiory eMass Corwivjnlcation ♦Philosophy ♦Pontics 4 international Relations •Sansknc eSocotogy •South Asan Siuses ♦Tamrf
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eAppiied Geology •Applied Psychology
♦ Astrophysics eBiOChemistry 4 Molecular Biology •Bic;nfnrma!ics •9«f»iechno*ogy ♦Chennc* Sciences •0.i«tc" Maiujemen: (e: Port Bta*. Andaman*) e Computation at Biology ♦Computer Science' '♦Ecology and Environment! Sciences ^Electronic Media ♦Food Science & NuMVOfl ♦Food Sconce & Technology ♦Ma-nne 8io-. cs ■
French Institute of Pondieherry. Puducherry
♦ Indoiogy *Ecoiogy eGeomatics ♦Scoal Soonces
Zoological Survoy of India. Port Blair. Andamans
♦ Taxonomy ♦Ecology ♦ Zoogeography
Bharathldasan Govt. College for "women. Puducherry
{First preference to the residents of
♦Home Science
Frontier Life Line Hospital ft
Dr. KJI.Cherian Heart Foundation,
♦ Biochemical Pharmacology
♦ Biotechnology ♦CnrdovMCifaf Bdogy ♦Ct^nicatBiCWmistry^Torco'ogy P.G. - Ph.O, Integrated Programmes. An Unique Opportunity for Graduate Students)
♦MA. • Ph.D. Hindi ♦M.Sc. • Ph.D. Appl*d Psychology ♦M.Sc. - Ph.D. Bo-Chemutry ft Molecular Btfogy ♦M.Sc.-Ph.D. Sonfccnarcs ♦M.Sc. • Ph.D. Bo-Technology •M.Sc - Phi). CheWy ♦M.Sc - Ph.D. Ecology ft Envwnmenlal Sciences eM.Sc. - PhD. Food and Nutrtem
♦ M.Sc. - PhJ). Food Science ft Technology eM.Sc. - Ph.D. Mathematics
♦ M.Sc. • PhD. Physics •M.Tech. • Ph.D. £nvironmentai Technology ♦M.Tech. • Ph.D. Nano Science and Technology ♦MBA - Ph.D. {Intomabonal Business) ♦MBA - Ph.D.'fTouhsm) aM.Ed -Ph.O Education ♦M.PA - Ph.D. Performing Arts eM.P.Ed.- Ph.D. Physical Educaoor

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Ever^ Programmes ■ Studenfs can also curs* rhe toJOwjg cevjes caxurrentfy with nex rogufar proo/emmej-PGDIPLOMACOURSES
♦ Asan Christian Studies ♦ Biotechnology ♦Computer Applications ♦Event Management ♦Functional Hindi ft Translation ♦Hearth Fitness and Life Stylo Management ♦Human Rights ♦Industrial Psychology ♦industrial Relalions ft Labour Law ♦Investment Management
♦ Library Automation ft Networking ♦Joumaism ft Mass Cornmurucafton ♦Ptanrtng and Evaluation ♦Professional Communication in English eRural Development eSimutabon and MofleBng ♦Statistical ft Research Methods ♦Tetevision Production ♦Teaching Sk*s
♦ Theatre Arts eWomen's Studies ♦ForeignTrade .' CERTIFICATE COURSES
♦Chmcse ♦French ♦Gerrnan ♦Rabin
♦ Japanose ♦Korean ♦Spanish ♦Russian ♦Sanscrit ♦Tamil
AD, iNCED CERTIFICATE COURSE ♦Ac>rarK«d Analytical Techniques

Allw Ml t*T-* scholars admiBed to fte PhD of the Urwerstfy Departments w« be etgUe for a monthly leSowsho of
Rs SOOOt with contmoency lnsogratcd PG-PhD. sudents wl get a monthly stoend of Rs.lOOty- tor tour semesters and Rs.5000/- pjn. with cortingoncy fw the rost of the period as applicable lo ower Ph.D. AJi students of the M.Sc. Marine Biology. Disaster Management (Port Blav) and M.Sc Five Year Integrated Programmes will get scholarship. In addition. Merit Scholarships. Merit cum Means Scholarships and Freeships are available to deserving sudents of PG

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ONLINE: application form can be submitted online through the University website send the hard copy of application (in A4 size) along with the original bank challan for the prescribed fee to the Deputy Registrar (Academic II).

BY POST: For application form by post write with course name to the Deputy Registrar (Academic II) Pondicherry University, R.V.Nagar, Kalapet, Puducherry 605014 along with a self addressed envelope of size 32 cm x 25 cm, stamped for Rs.90/- Request for application must be supercribed on the envelpe "request for Application form for admission" (Course name).

IN PERSON: The application form can also be obtained from the Pondicherry University Staff Co-operative Credit Society at the University campus on payment of the cost of the application form plus Rs.10/- as service charge.

IMPORTANT: No seperate application and entrance examiantion for integrated PG-Ph.d programmes. Candidates applying for respective PG aprogrammes will be considered for admission as per merit.

APPLICATION FEE: For all courses Rs.100/- (Rs.50/- for SC/ST exexpted for physically and visually challenged supported with relevant certificates). Use seperate applications for each programmes.

MODE OF PAYMENT (For online applications only)
application fee may be redited at Pondicherry university account in any of the following banks all over India under core banking sytem on apyment of the cost application form plus bank charges (challn to be downloaded the website):
1. Any of the branches of INDIAN BAK with instition to credit it to Account No.6018625294 along with challan number.
2. Any of the branches of STATE BANK OF INDIA with instruction to credit it to Account No.3222550505012 along with challan number.

Soloction will bo based on entrance examination

Alahabad. Ban^aVxe. Biopet BhuMneswar. C'arvigam, Chennai. Ch«3amoaram. Coimoatore. Goa. Gu«ahati. HyderabV. Jaiander, Jammu. KaraAei. Kocht. KoBujU. Korhitode. tuclmow. Uadurft. Mangtfore. Mmrtoai. Mysore. New Delhi. PuduCherry. Pune. Ranchi. ShBong. Snrtagar (.UK). Thiruvarianthapuram.
Fully free education for all differently abled students
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Issue of application form..............................16th March 2012
Last date (or issue of apcJLast date for issue of appicabon form in person......16" April 2012
Last date for submssion filled in apptication form.................16" April 2012
Date of Entrance Camination........................;...26 & 27" May 2012


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Arulselvan said...

The following links will give additional information on Pondicherry University Admissions 2012-2013 :